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Beauty attracts the eyes whereas personality captures the heart, after reading this full tutorial with 5 tips for Personality Development, I’m sure you will thank me later after applying.

Development in Personality

It is a crucial part of our life to have some plans over over personality development. For that we have shared with you some valid point to  consider.

1: Be A Good Listener rather than being good speaker:

Well, everyone wants to be a really good speaker but all the times, it really doesn’t help each and everyone. In some cases, people want to share something with you but as you are already a great speaker but not a good listener, you will probably lose their attention.

They may find you boring when you don’t listen to them carefully. It is necessary for everyone to talk to everyone after listening to full story. A full conversation. Well it is not because they want to tell you something but it is because you can’t talk them without listening to them.

If you’re not willing to listen them, they most probably will avoid you spending time with you. It is worst thing you can ever get from a person you are in from of. So listen them before speaking up to him/her.

Once you listen them with care, they will love to spend a time with you more time, they will recognize your worth. Because everyone problem has solution, and listening is the solution of good speaking. It is worth listening to everyone with care. So that you can have a better answer with love and care.

How to be a good listener?

Well, giving importance to everyone is the first rule of being good listener. Because if you can’t give any importance to anyone, you probably will be struggling to become a good listener. Give a proper importance to a person who is heading towards you. Most cared people always love to give importance to everyone.

2: Give Respect, Get Respect

This is probably most talked thing on Internet, everyone will suggest you give respect to get respect. It is one of the most taught manner, even your teachers might have taught you this during you school days. But because people always love those who respect them. People love to spend a time with those who care about them. You better need to give them respect even without expecting them to have any kind of return to you.

You may have noticed, once you shake hand with anyone with smile they will also shake hand with you with a lovely smile. It is what a respect get you in reward. Means in return of smile. So give respect because it is also one of the most important part of you personality development.

I love watching smiling faces, they give me courage, they give me reason to love, care. I have also learnt to obey parents but one of the most desiring thing is, to care others, you will be cared by others.

3: Smile everytime

Beauty attracts heart when people look at your face but personality captures the heart when people see your smile. Smile is the first sign that captures the heart way too easily that you might even not have thought. I love people around me when they keep smile on their faces. They attract. They look caring, most importantly they look so confident and their confidence is the thing that help in their personality development.

People work on personality development but with good clothes, branded shoes, branded glasses and branded products but they forget to have a smile on their faces. Well you may look rich by wearing all these branded products but you will never look in developed personality.

Started wearing branded smile than wearing branded product. They will be temporary when you wear them you will look better but when you stop wearing them, you will lose attractions for good attraction, with long impressions you need to have a smile all the time.

4: Say Yes to Everytime but not all the time

You need to understand, there is difference in agreeing to everytime and everyone. When you unconditionally say yes to everyone without any good purpose, you will lose your loyalty. For better loyalty you need to say yes when it is needed, not when it isn’t needed.

When you know, where you have to say yes and where to No. You will become more confident about your action and action will define your character and character will define your personality. Because greatest character will show your biggest personality development.

1: Example:

If anyone say “Do you know, I love spending time with my parents. I love helping needy people, you do so ? Obviously you will say Yes. If anyone ask you anything that is naturally a beneficial to human beings. You must agree to him.

2: Example:

If anyone ask you a thing that doesn’t provide any value to any human being, any nature or anything. Don’t say Yes.  Because it will show your bigger character. You will be known how bigger you are ! How valuable you are about the things which suits nature.

Know the intent before saying Yes or No. It is better to be on a side than being agreed to a wrong person. Only agree with greater characters.

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5: Think More, Say Less:

Saying less always creates more impression, people wanted to hear them more. But only till they say less. Once they started saying a lot, they lose impressions. They lose the value they might have already got.

Think before saying anything. You could go to a wrong way without thinking more. Remember one thing, you might be best in the business but you will never become greatest personality before saying anything after thinking.

There is quote about it “Don’t speak without thinking, don’t take any action without thinking, but once you have taken action, stay with it. But remember don’t take action that you may have to change later. Action speaker louder.


Personality development is the thing that makes you different from animals. Look everyone living their life here. What if you and animals have same development. You sense makes you different but personality development is also most worthy thing is human.

Respect each and everyone to take respect. Say Yes or No after knowing the exactly situation. Think more and more and say less than you want and listen everyone with clear intent and care.

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