Shaheen Afridi eyesight, Age, Brother, Father, Info & Married Or Not?

Shaheen Afridi eyesight was weak when he started cricket. Shaheen Shah Afridi came into Lahore Qalandars’ setup after sensational U19 World Cup as emerging player.

He has had few bad games at the initial part of the league in 2018. He (Aaqib) also revealed that Shaheen Afridi wanted to give money back to owner as he wasn’t satisfied with his performance.

Aaqib Javed revealed that once they have had match practice, everyone was looking perfect but Shaheen was moving very slow. He noticed and went straight to him to have some dialogues with him.

What he came up to with is, Shaheen was struggling with his weak eyes sight. He asked if everything is okay with his eye, then Shaheen revealed he is used to have the problem with his eyesight.

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Aaqib went onto say, he should check the eyesight and he did. The result was extremely interesting as Shaheen’s one eye was around 5.6 and other was 2.5.

There was big difference between both eyes. Shaheen Shah Afridi started his International cricket with this problem which went unnoticed for some years.

“During the practice, Shaheen wasn’t moving, I had some dialogues, and asked if his eyes are okay, he revealed he is used to have eyesight problem, I asked to have checked it, after checking it, we found his one eye was 5.6 and other was 2.5,” Aaqib Javed said. even with such Shaheen Afridi eyesight, he played cricket and now has become Pakistan’s first choice bowler in the team in very less time.

he consumed only one and half year to become first choice bowler in the team.

CEO of Lahore Qalandars also has some praising dialogues for Aaqib Javed as by saying everyone praises Aaqib Javed except Pakistan’s people.


Who  is the brother of Shaheen Afridi

Well Riaz Afridi is the brother of Shaheen Afridi. he also plays cricket in Pakistan’s domestic circuit.

Is Shaheen Afridi the brother of Shahid Afridi?

NO! Shaheen Afridi isn’t Shahid Afridi brother but in fact he is the brother of Riaz Afridi.

Is he married?

YES, he has married to Shahid Afridi’s daughter Ansha Afridi last year. Their wedding got huge praises.

What Is His Age?

He is currently 23 years old. He was born of 6th of April 2000.

Is He Relative of Boom Boom Afridi?

NO! he is not relative of Boom Boom Shahid Afridi, he only belongs to same caste. However now he has become his son in law after marrying his daughter Ansha Afridi. His wedding gets huge appreciations around the world. Most of the congratulated him as well.

Shaheen Afridi’s Father Name?

There is no data available on internet about his father but his brother Riaz Afridi is well known cricketer from Fata. In fact he “Riaz” advised Shaheen to play cricket. He obeyed.

Shaheen Afridi net worth ?

He earns around 22M PKR from PSL. 12M PKR from Pakistan Cricket Board

Total Net Worth= 34M PKR. (Endorsement Excluded)

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