Top 5 Babar Azam Best Innings

Top 5 Babar Azam best innings in international cricket across the formats.

Babar Azam made his debut in 2015 in Pakistan against Zimbabwe in ODI cricket where he scored his first ever fifty on debut innings.

Selectors showed trust on him at very young age. He was only 20 years old. Since then he only keep on scoring those centuries. Never looked back again.

Babar Azam is once a generation batsman for Pakistan. Many believes, he is gonna be Pakistan’s best ever batsman in their history. Some believes he still needs some time to be there however we will discuss top 5 Babar Azam best innings in international cricket.

Babar Azam Best innings

1: 196 Against Australia in Pakistan 2022

Well, generation will remember Babar Azam for this innings. He has played the innings that no one was expecting, that too in the fourth innings of the test match between Pakistan and Australia in Pakistan.

This innings made what Babar Azam is today. It was his career defining innings, players like Pat Cummins who was Australian skipper praised him internationally.

Moreover he received praised across the world after saving Pakistan from famous defeat. This innings was the best example how someone like Babar Azam should be playing in crucial matches.

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2: 101 against New Zealand in England 2019.

Well no one, literally no one will forget this innings from him. This innings announced him among the stars.

He was improving youngsters that people were expecting him to do well, however the youngster announced himself among the international fans like no one.

This innings not only helped Babar Azam to build his career but also helped Pakistan to move ahead in the world cup as they were on the verge of knocking out of the tournament.

Only this innings survived them few more matches, although they couldn’t qualify for the semi final later on. However this career defining innings by Babar Azam will always be cheered by his fans.

Such Babar Azam best innings has made his career from a very youngster to a groomed and competitive player in international cricket.

3: 122 in T20I against South Africa in South Africa 2021

How will you rate this innings of Babar Azam in T20I ? Well you may find it one of the best knocks in T20I cricket because, in chasing such a 200+ target in opposition’s home condition always require a player more than stamina, quality and focus.

Babar Azam Best Innings not only showed his grit, discipline but also the prowess he possesses in this format.

Not even once South Africa had any chance in the game. They were out of the game from the first ball of the chase. It is easily Babar Azam best innings that we can consider.

4: 119 against Sri Lanka in Test match in Sri Lanka 2022

In this match, entire Pakistan team was struggling to get runs. Only Babar Azam alongside the Naseem Shah took charge and handled the Sri Lankan bowling very well.

This innings made Babar Azam one of the patient cricketers as well. He was so impressive against the spin bowling department of Sri Lanka.

Just imagine entire team struggling to get score moving and suddenly you get a century there. It was one of the special innings from this guy. He was never as good batsman as he seemed that day. It was way Babar Azam best innings you could think of.

5: 90 in T20I against South Africa in South Africa 2019

People might be surprised to see his 90, instead of any century. However if you remember this innings then you can only clap and say yes it was indeed praiseworthy innings from Babar Azam.

That time, Babar Azam was quite young, he was learner of the game. He was establishing his game. Yet he provided this master blaster innings. Unfortunately result didn’t come in Pakistan’s way.

But this innings made Babar Azam one of the quality T20I batsman. People always remember hundreds but this innings was indeed praiseworthy that I’m unable to neglect it today.

There are also other many Babar Azam best innings in international cricket but we have only included few that we think are his best so far in international arena.

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