The Most Expensive Players in IPL Auction History | IPL 2024

Most expensive players in IPL

The Most Expensive Players in IPL Auction History. Australian fast bowlers Mitchell Starc becomes the most expensive player in the history of IPL auction. Chris Morries joins Rajasthan Royals for huge amount of 16.25 INR. It is almost 2.23$ in dollars. MUST READ: 4 Players Who Rejected IPL Offers For Various Reasons Most Expensive Player in … Read more

Fastest Ball In IPL | Fastest Delivery IPL History 2008-2021

Fastest Ball in IPL

Fastest Ball in IPL history. There was time when it was hard for IPL to find any special bowler who can bowl above 150 consistently but looking at some exciting picks in last few seasons, it has become a reality that IPL has produced some exciting bowlers who can bowl above 150 Km/h. One of … Read more

IPL 2021 Players Salary | Highest Paid Cricketers In IPL 2021

IPL 2021 Players Salary

IPL 2021 Players Salary. Highest paid cricketers in IPL 2021. Chris Morris is overseas highest paid cricketer this year’s IPL 2021. However from Indian cricketer Virat Kohli has always been highest paid cricketer in the history of IPL. MUST READ: IPL 2021 Schedule | Fixture, Match Times, Time Table in 2021 IPL 2021 Players Salary List … Read more

IPL Winners List From 2008 To Date | IPL CHAMPIONS HISTORY

IPL Winners List

IPL Winners List from 2008 to date. Indian Premier League (IPL) has seen some strongest teams that have ruled the league so far. It hasn’t shown much teams as strong as Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indian. It is the reason why both teams have won more cups till now. MUST READ: HBL PSL Winners List … Read more

Most Wickets in IPL 2021 | Top Wicket Taker in IPL 2021

Most Wickets in IPL 2021

Most Wickets in IPL 2021 | Top wicket taker in IPL 2021. Indian Premier League is most richest league in the world, way ahead of second most richest league Pakistan Super League PSL in the world. There are some leagues around the world but when you talk about the richness and the quality you  will … Read more