Ferrari To Accept Cryptocurrency as Payment

One of the luxurious cars, Ferrari has started to accept cryptocurrency as payment, following the request of the wealthy customers. Its marketing and commercial chief has told to one of the leading news channels by allowing only US customers as of now, will extend in Europe as well.

The vast majority blue chip companies have started to accept the cryptocurrency as their legal tender. After the Tesla, Elon Musk owned company, no one thought that the day will arrive when the companies like Ferrari will also accept the cryptocurrency as the legal payment method. Since the cryptocurrency is roaring, the value of the marketcap is rapidly increasing, the interest has already been shifted, no one wants to avoid as of now.

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“Our target to reach for carbon neutrality by 2030 along our whole value chain is confirmed.” Ferrari Marketing and commercial chief said.

Ferrari chief claimed that the decision came after watching their valuable customers investing in cryptocurrency.

“Some young investors who have interest in cryptocurrency have build their fortune around cryptocurrency, some others are traditional investors who want to diversify their portfolios,” said chief.

Bitcoin has not only been the solution to many blue chip companies but the usage of the coin will surely make the world think about the way payment is being paid currently. It is one of the most secure payment method that, not even your government can track, which allows its users to pay more often than any other payment method. It takes hardly few seconds and you can send your billions of dollars without any disturbance.

None of the authority will ask you about where are you sending such a huge amount which enable users to be more serious about its usage, due to its limited supply, there is also low volatility as compared to other coins. However Ethereum is in the same bracket when you talk about the users trust.

Except those two there are other few more coins, but they will take their time to build authority among the users. Volatility is one of the major reason for other coins though.



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