How To Send Private Message On Facebook (Step By Step Guide)

Today I’m gonna teach you how can you send private message on Facebook to unknown people even if they aren’t friend of you on the Facebook.

Facebook is one of the most growing social media networks. It is in fact most famous social media platform.

It has more audience than any other social media networks in the world. Its growth started jumping after 2010 when people started buying more cell phones. Eventually when Android cellphones started its growth.

How to Send Private Message On Facebook: (Step By Step Guide)

You might have ever thought talk to someone isn’t friend of you on Facebook but you probably like them and want to talk to them privately so that no one can see you talking someone special.

Facebook is indeed a platform where you can make friend. People always like to add them as friend but once someone doesn’t accept your friend request by any default.

You can send them a clear message to accept your friend request so that you can start talking to them.

However even if they don’t accept your friend request. You can still send them private message on Facebook.

You need to follow some steps which will help you find your desired thing without doing much.

  • Login to Facebook
  • Put Your Gmail or Number to Sign
  • Put Password of your Facebook I’d.
  • Now when you are successfully logged in, click on search option

Send Private Message On Facebook

  • Now you will be able to search any person you want to start talking. Ex: (Shahid Afridi)
  • You will see many options like (Posts, Photos, People, Pages, Groups etc)
  • Click on People
  • You will see the big list of the names similar to that person
  • Click on the person you wanted to search
  • Make sure you have opened the right person’s ID.
  • Now you will see different options ex: Profile, Friends, Message.
  • Click on Message option
  • Start writing what you want to write.
  • If the person is unknown to you. He/she will receive notification of new message in request option.
  • Start talking once person accepts you message request.

This is the best way to send private message on Facebook. However if you are using Facebook Application.

You will need to install Facebook Messenger which is same to WhatsApp messenger.

Is Facebook Messenger Private?

Yes it is 100% secure. anybody in the world can’t see your messages without your permission. It is totally secure and private to use.

How Do You Send A Private Message On Facebook Without Messenger?

Well this is also one of the easy procedure to follow.

  • Install Facebook Lite
  • Sign In
  • You will see a message options within it
  • Use It and text a message to anyone similar like  messenger but without messenger

Follow all these steps to make the most of this article.

Send a Message To Non Friend

As I already have guided you how can you easily send a message to someone who isn’t your friend on Facebook. But in this piece I will guide you how can you send them a message when they have turned the message option off:

It happens mostly when someone have no similar friends in the list so first you need to do is:

  • Find similar friend
  • Add him/her
  • If he/she accepts your friend request you will be able to see the option of sending message on the profile of you want to send a message.

Once you have send them a message. Make  sure to use it properly and send it to a genuine person.

How Do I Send a Message From My Facebook Page?

Well it is not that hard, isn’t easy task to do as well. However we are here to make sure you are doing the things you have come for.

For sending message from Facebook Page. First you need to install Facebook Page manager application which will help you to manage all your functions with ease.

It will also help you to send text messages from your page to anybody else who isn’t even your friend in the list but still you can send them bundle of messages way easily.

Send a Message to Facebook Support

You can also contact Facebook support through your page.

You just need to create ad campaign on your page. Even if you’re not willing to create any ad campaign you still can contact them. Just create your ad account in your page. Now go to ad support. Ask them anything. They will surely respond you accordingly.

Cannot Send Private Message on Facebook?

Have you ever thought why you receive such error while sending message to anybody unknown to you? Well reason could be really simple. That person must have blocked you from their profile or have restricted you from receiving any text from you in future.

However you can still send them message if you want so, just follow these:

  • Add his friend
  • Create any private group
  • Ask him/his to add that  person into  it.
  • Now you are on to go talk to that person simply

Send  Private Message on Facebook To All Friends

Well to be honest there is nothing private when you are sending a message to your all friends. You can easily send them messages one by one or with one click.

For that you need to install any kind of extension. I won’t recommend you but you can use anyone available on the internet that may help you better in getting your desired result.

How to Send a Message on Facebook Page

Well it is pretty easy to send a message on Facebook if you want to talk to your favorite person on Facebook who holds a page on it.

  • Search his Name
  • Find his Page
  • Click on Profile
  • There you will see message or email option , click on it
  • Send Text and Enjoy.

Good or Bad To Send Text?

It’s good if your intention is clear and has good purpose but bad if you want to make the most of it in bad manner. Don’t use it in wrong way on any day or any time.

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