Karachi Ranked Most Polluted City in the World

Karachi Ranked Most Polluted City in the world. ARYnews reported that Karachi is declared as most polluted city in the world.

According to latest reports from AQIair, the air quality stays at 244 in Karachi whereas it is even more worse than Lahore. Why Lahore is being dragged here, is because Lahore is the contention for people to avoid in winter because of the smog.

Even the weather authority has warned Lahore people to stay at home during the winters and offered them artificial rain to avoid smog in case if the situation worsen.

The air quality in Karachi was 2nd most polluted in the world few days ago but it has overtaken the topper to become the first on Sunday morning.

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According to report air quality between 144 to 200 considered as worse. But Karachi stays at 244 is matter of consideration for its residents.

It is also being reported that if isn’t controlled, will make the things even worse. Karachi has always been among the cities people avoid to stay.

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