Most Runs In ODI Cricket History | Top Run Scorer in ODIs

Most Runs in ODI cricket History | Top run scorer in ODIs.

ODI cricket has richest history in the game especially for Pakistan fans as their current Prime Minister was also ODI World Cup winning captain. Who won’t agree that it has some beautiful moment and some embarrassing as well.

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One Day Internationals play on single day in the duration of 7 to 8 hours in a day or evening time.

ODI cricket is one of the most favorite format as well. In this format many countries have seen their main players getting honors of representing teams and winning the World Cups as Imran Khan, Ms Dhoni have done for their respective teams. I won’t go in the history of captains though.

So in this thread, I will reveal the batsmen with most runs in ODI cricket history.

Top Run Scorer in ODIs

Sachin Tendulkar4521842644.8386.239649
Kumar Sangakkara3801423441.9878.869325
Ricky Ponting3651370442.0380.398230
Sanath Jayasuriya4331343032.3691.206828
Mahela Jayawardene4181265033.3778.967719

Sachin Tendulkar and Kumar Sangakkara were two most reliable batsmen in the history of the game. Not only in this format but also in Test format as well.

Well how can you forget the impact that Ricky Ponting had in his career in both formats. He was the main character behind Australian dominance in this format for years.

However some other names also can be mentioned everywhere in the ODI history with the likes of Brian Lara, Inzamam ul Haq, Virat Kohli and few other names.

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All the countries may mention their beloved country’s players but fact is that all were equally great in this format.

Sachin Tendulkar will be remembered as best ever ODI player that cricket has ever produced so far as he is not only highest run scorer in this format  but also has number of centuries to his name while playing against the quality of bowlers in late 90s.


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