Most runs since 2019 in men’s cricket across all formats

Most runs since 2019 across all formats. Cricket have seen some brilliant players since 2019. Some of them have got most runs since 2019 in men’s cricket. Not only they have got the runs but also have offered their presence over fans’ demand. Who doesn’t want their favorite players to stay out and get the score as much as they could.

It has happened similarly here as some batsmen like Virat Kohli, Babar Azam and Rohit Sharma have shown what they are capable of. Although it is normal thing for Virat Kohli who has been doing it for the ages now but what has brought a change here is, Babar Azam.

Babar Azam has brought a change in normal routine after overtaking Virat Kohli is most runs since 2019 in men’s cricket. He has got the positive impact in his performance. So does PCB has rewarded him the Test captaincy although he was already a leader in white-ball cricket for Pakistan.

Getting this wonderful honour isn’t just cup of tea, though it is his dedication, the brilliance and hardwork which brought him here. Some other notable Cricketers are Rohit Sharma and Quinton De Kock who have made into this list. Babar Azam, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma also scored most run in ODIs in 2019

1: Babar Azam

Babar Azam has scored as many as 3500+ runs since 2019 for Pakistan across all formats. He overtakes Virat Kohli while playing against Zimbabwe in T20 series when he got wonderful 51 off just 22 deliveries.

He is smashing the ball like fun. Have nothing to do except getting as many runs as he could, which makes him even better player. Pakistan have a solid Batsman after so many years.

2: Joe Root

Joe Root is an other player who has got at least 3500 runs in all formats combined since 2020. He has been phenomenal in Test cricket since same year. One of the best things about him is playing test cricket like a hero. He has gotten England so many victories, some of the victories are included when he has got Sri Lanka on fire in their home.

Joe Root is legendary batsman when it comes to Test cricket. There is only Steve Smith who could compete with him currently otherwise he is unmatchable.

3: Liton Das

It is surprising to see someone from Bangladesh who could be included in this list after so many years. We have hardly seen any player from Bangladesh in last many years. He has got to be here just because of his performances.

Liton Das so consistent batsman from Bangladesh who has got at least 2800 runs since 2020.

4: Muhammad Rizwan

Rizwan since 2021 has been phenomenal cricketer in T20Is, Although he has some Test runs as well however when it comes to T20 there is no competition for him. He has taken T20 as child’s play. Due to which he has got at least 2600 runs in all formats since 2020 in all formats.

5: Virat Kohli at 5th with Most runs since 2019

Talking about his brilliance isn’t unknown to anyone. He is emperor at International level since last decade. He has been doing it quite easily that’s why his name is already mentioned above the highest valuable cricket. His popularity in world already has crossed many legends. He has scored 2912 runs in 62 innings since 2019 across all formats.

6: Rohit Sharma is at 6th with most runs since 2019

Rohit Sharma is another sensational character who likes to play white ball Cricket. His Test record hasn’t been up there but his bat still talks in that as well. He is changing his gears in Test format since last year. He was struggling to make a place in Test format for team India just few months back but after making into XI, he has got everything right on the top.

Overall he has got 2753 runs in 54 innings he has played since. He also hold the record of most centuries in single addition of the World Cup in 2019

7: Quinton De Kock at 5th position with most runs since 2019.

South Africa’s skipper and a wicket keeper is enjoying his brilliant time with the bat since 2019. He is right up there with most runs from any South African batsman since. He has scored 2318 runs in 53 innings he has played so far.

All the mentioned players are the main players for their teams. Fans are enjoying every a bit of their performance due to their responsibility they have taken seriously. Special mention for Babar Azam who has got the eyes of every cricket fan across the world after making Most runs since 2019

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