Most T20 Centuries in the World 2023

Most T20 Centuries in the World 2023.

Different players from different countries  are  leading the chart with most centuries in leagues around the world. Players like Chris Gayle and Babar Azam are leading the way for themselves. Babar Azam made his name among the list of greats like Chris Gayle, David Warner and Virat Kohli.

Chris Gayle has playied his entire life to have so many centuries to his name while Babar Azam is catching his name with the 2nd most number of centuries.

Most T20 Centuries in the World 2023

1: Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle has scored most number of centuries to his name (22 centuries) after playing more than half century matches around the world. Chris Gayle is considered to be best ever T20 batsman, cricket has ever produced. He has scored as many as 14562 runs to his credit. He is still enjoying cricket and playing inactively today.

2: Babar Azam

He has scored 2nd number of most centuries  in leagues around the world. He is currently leading Pakistan team as captain and is playing LPL where he scored his 10th century. He has played 255 innings while scoring 10 centuries.

3: M Klinger

An Australian batsman was considered to be among the best ones when he was active player, he scored as many as 5960 runs after playing 198 innings. He has credited 8 centuries to his name.

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4: David Warner

He has played as many as 355 innings while has scored similar 8 centuries to his credit. Warner is considered to be one of the best batsman of this generation. He is great Australian batter. He is going well too, people may see him scoring few more centuries.

5: Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is generational talent. He has got a huge fame, he is considered to be best batsman of current generation. He has scored 8 centuries to after playing 357 innings. Although he plays only IPL and International cricket right now but still considered to be best batsman of current era. He will score few more centuries in future.

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