Most Wickets For Pakistan in Test Cricket History

Pakistan have seen some furious bowler over the years but we will discuss about most wickets for Pakistan in Test cricket History. The bowlers who have done some miracle for the team.

Three of them are Pakistan’s all time greatest bowlers. They are also top three among them.

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Most Wickets in Test cricket history for Pakistan

1: Wasim Akram

Wasim Akram is not only Pakistan’s all time greatest bowler but he is one who is all time greatest in cricket history.

As bowler there is empty list to compare Wasim Akram with. However as an allrounder there are some few.

Wasim Akram has taken 414 wickets for Pakistan in his career with the best bowling figures of 7/119.

2: Waqar Younis

Waqar Younis has been top class bowler for Pakistan over the years. Also have coached Pakistan team few times. Even he is the coach of current Pakistan team.

He has taken 373 wickets in his career and stays at the top 2 in the list just behind Wasim Akram. He has the best bowling figures of 7/76.

3: Prime Minister Imran Khan is at 3 in the list with most wickets for Pakistan in Test

Well well when you talk about Imran Khan, you will surely remember him as best ever subcontinent cricketer. He has ranked best among Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli and Wasim Akram.

He is currently Pakistan’s Prime Minister. He has taken  362 wickets for Pakistan in Test cricket history. He holds the best bowling figures of 8/58.

4: Danish Kaneria

Danish Kaneria hasn’t been that famous in Pakistan even though he is at 4 in taking most wickets for Pakistan but he was brilliant with the ball. Especially in Asian pitches.

However due to some problems of match fixing, he couldn’t carry and couldn’t be able to play more cricket after 2010. He has taken 261 wickets for Pakistan with best bowling figures of 7/77.

5: Late Abdul Qadir

Whenever you will hear his name, your tongue will definitely slip by saying “WOW” what a magician bowler he was!

Late Abdul Qadir is ranked Pakistan best ever spin bowler in their history. He has taken 236 wickets in his career. With the best figured of 9/56. Once Imran Khan has said that if there was technology in his time. He would have taken more than 500 wickets in his career.

6: Yasir Shah is at 6 with most wickets for  Pakistan in test

Yasir Shah is another spin bowler in the list who is also playing in current Pakistan team. He has won some great matches for Pakistan especially in UAE.

He has taken 227 wickets till today with the best bowling of 8/41.

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