Muhammad Amir opens up after being dropped from NZ series squad

Muhammad Amir opens up after being dropped from NZ series squad.

Muhammad Musa, Muhammad Hansain and Naseem Shah have been preferred over him. Misbah ul Haq dropped Shoaib Malik, Asad Shafique and Muhammad Amir from squad that will face New Zealand next month in December.

The World Cup is just around the corner. Just few months back, Muhammad Amir was Pakistan’s first choice bowler in all formats but announcing his retirement from Test cricket hit him back which resulted in dropping him the squad without much of reason.

If we look at his T20I performance. He is still No.1 Pakistani bowler. Highest ranked Pakistani bowler in ODIs as he was ranked 7th best bowler before Zimbabwe series. Obviously he lost points after being missed out.

Few months back, he was unmatched to anyone but getting retirement from Test cricket has hurted his career. Now he is no way near to any PCB’s future plan.

Here’s how Muhammad Amir opens up after being dropped from NZ series squad

While replying to Pakistani sports journalist he told, only Misbah could tell how he has missed out from the squad.

At the end he also wished Pakistani team very good luck for New Zealand series. Since 2016 Muhammad Amir’s economy is best in the world, he doesn’t give away more than 6 runs per over. He is rated best T20I bowler for Pakistan at the present time but only Misbah ul Haq can reveal if he was dropped due to Test retirement or something else.

But here’s what Misbah ul Haq said after dropping Muhammad Amir, Shafique and Shoaib Malik

“We want to give a chance to new players as much as we can because they are going to represent Pakistan in all formats while Muhammad Amir, Shoaib Malik and Asad Shafique don’t play all formats,” said Misbah ul Haq.

10 thoughts on “Muhammad Amir opens up after being dropped from NZ series squad”

  1. I am happy with the selection…. if playing for the country nothing should be more important- for Amir many other things than Pakistan was on his priority list.

  2. I was big fan of aamir since his debut….but for him money is more important to then and now as well…he retired from test so he can make more money while playing T20 league around the world..PCB has invested so much time and money on him and what he did….ditch his by announced his retirement just before Tour of Australia.
    This is what he deserves.. good decision.

  3. I think Misbah is doing a right thing, their is better options then Amir, Amir in no where near his best in recent times, so why to drag him, let him make make money playing leagues around the world, which he chose to do, and also it’s not only Misbah Waqar also doesn’t want him in the team.

  4. We have to agree 100 percent with Misbah and the Board .. it’s a “brave and Just“ decision as undoubtedly he one of Pakistan premier bowlers .

    However the way he turned his back on Pakistan on the second occasion after having been forgiven for the 2010 betting scandal , when he opted out of the Australia tour when Pakistan needed him in my opinion is unforgivable..

    Good bye Allah bless but let’s look
    to the future of Pakistan cricket ..

  5. Misbah proves again that he was worst captain and he is worst selector in the world. World cup is around the corner if he brings Amir back in world cup then ( Lakh di Lanat) in advance from my side

  6. It is not the right decision. Mohammad Aamir has got talent and a free will to decide what he wants in his life. If you want him to stay then pay him what other players get.

    Look at other player’s salaries out there. I am sure Aamir will still be getting more money in the leagues even after missing T20s and ODIs.

    Look at football. Money is everything, they barely play with their national teams so often except for the world cups and local cups.

    Please change this mindset you are not the one to decide what others should do.


  7. Amir is great bowler can swing both ways won us many matches including champions trophy but to retire from tests bad decisions at his age still young should be hungry for his country buts greedy and deserves to be dropped after so much investment in him by pcb and match fixing scandal he should be proudly repsenting his country look jimmy Anderson Stuart broad both over 35 still playing tests for England Amir should only come back if he’s ready to play tests


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