Pat Cummins Stunned Babar Azam with Unplayable Delivery

Pat Cummins stunned Babar Azam with Unplayable Delivery. Which itself was praised by entire cricket community.

“It was a dream ball, that I have bowled to Babar Azam today on which he was bowled,” says Pat Cummins Australian captain.

Babar Azam is absolute when it comes to play such strokes but somehow Pat Cummins dragged him behind and pushed his legs lagging nowhere, he couldn’t believe what happened to him when his eyes saw stumps were dislodged by threatening ball.

He could only be able to see himself getting out by unplayable delivery and started watching where did ball lended when it crossed the bat between pads.

World started praising it on social networks by saying, “Pat Cummins has bowled an unplayable delivery that he had never bowled before.”

Pakistan’s team was going ahead of Australian’s momentum however it was Australian captain who not only sent Babar Azam to the pavilion but Shan Masood in the very next over as well.

The match started slipping from Pakistan’s hands as they were expecting their key players to stay and score those crucial runs as their bowling had restricted Australian on par score after looking at the pitch Condition by applying the fact that they were playing at their home.

However Pat Cummins had other plans as he came up with fierce pace with perfect execution of making the most of the pitch by looking at the batters behavior on pitch. He didn’t only hurt two batters but also the hopes of the Pakistani nation.

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