Salaar Movie Box Office Collection Day 2: Prabhas Outshines ShahRukh Khan

Prabhas Outshines ShahRukh Khan’s movie Dunki as it collected 3 times more money than Dunki in Salaar Movie Box Office Collection Day 1. However Prabhas’s Salaar is released in all languages whereas Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki is released in only Hindi Language in India. The huge difference between 10 languages and only 1 language.

Prabhas’s Salaar Movie is turned out to be better business movie than it was expected before the release. People were expecting Shah Rukh Khan to overshadow Prabhas due to 2 major reasons. One Shahrukh Khan himself and other director of the movie Rajkumar Hirani.

However Salaar turned out to be way bigger than Dunki but wait a mint. Shah Rukh Khan’s movie has also beaten all the drama and comedy or romance movie after the pandemic.

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Coming back to Salaar movie box office collection has got the attention of the audience due to its cinematography and the visualization.

The slow motion and fight scenes are top notch. Just like the previous movie of Neel’s direction KGF where he stunned the world with new action thriller. The new way of showing the dominance of men in the world.

Salaar Movie Box Office Collection:

Salaar has come up with huge craze and business as it collected 90 crore world wide. The movie was top notch which has helped Prabhas to move on his disaster movies like Radheshyam, Saho and others.

Day 7 Collection: 16 Crore

Day 6 Collection: 21.5 Crore

Day 5 Collection: 26 Crore

Day 4 Collection: 39 Crore

Day 3 Collection: 55 Crore

Day 2 Collection: 56.35 Crore.

Day 1 Collection: 90 Crores.

Friday ( 1st day )90 crore
Saturday ( 2nd Day )56.35 Crore
Sunday ( 3rd Day)55 Crore
Monday (4th Day) 39 Crore
Tuesday (5th Day) 26 Crore
Wednesday (6th Day)21.5 Crore
Thursday (7th Day)16 Crore

Salaar Movie Box Office Collection have been growing with good speed later on.

Dunki vs Salaar Comparison

Both movies have no comparison because both of the movies are different to each other. One is action packed while on the other hand other movie is based on the story, drama and comedy.

Dunki has storyline, drama and comedy which will make it easy to watch again and again in longer run. However Salaar isn’t such a movie you will watch again and again. You may get bored if you watch it twice or thrice because you already got plenty of options to watch such movies. There are a lot.

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