Shan, Haris Should Be Retained For South Africa Series 2020

If belief is to be believed, Shan Masood was first choice opener for Pakistan just before this South Africa Series 2020.

Haris Sohail was also first choice cricketer for Pakistan in middle order. Both of them played their last few years as first choice. But suddenly time has changed the entire course of their careers.

South Africa Series 2020

If we look at most possible changes of the team, Shan Masood’s case is pretty poor to be retained. Pakistan Cricket Board are believing dropping Shan Masood will solve their opening slot for the sake of betterment.

But one thing to be remember how long will he be dropped ? If to be believed not more than someone’s failures. He may await for his chance till someone fails.

If someone fails he will become automatic selection for team Pakistan even before putting any kind of performance at domestic level where he is already KING though.

If calling him back is the option for Pakistan then question arrives, why he needs to be dropped for home series when he has a chance to regain his form.

If we talk about his potential, Shan Masood’s average before this New Zealand was more than 40+ since his comeback into national side. Which also increases his average from 26 to 32.

However he stays at 30 average at the moment. Which is still better than having 26 average.

Pakistan have invested 8 years on him just because of not quality of openers have been produced on the basis of Quaid-e-Azam Trophy.

If Pakistan wants to move on from him, that’s should be first priority to drop him and never play him again. But if they are looking at just alternatives for sometime. Then they must think about it before replacing him with someone who will play on just trial.

Haris Sohail’s case also pretty same. His average was more than 38 before New Zealand series. Which is good for someone country which doesn’t produce quality batsmen for long.

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He had scored 75 runs against Bangladesh just before coming to New Zealand as he missed England series due to his personal decision. Till he was first choice batsman for Pakistan in middle order slot.

I believes if Azhar Ali could play for 3 years without doing anything for Pakistan then Haris Sohail has nothing done that wrong either.

Azhar Ali vs Haris Sohail at 3

If we compare Azhar Ali and Haris Sohail at 3 before New Zealand series coming to South Africa series, Azhar Ali’s average since Haris Sohail debut in Test cricket is lower than him.

But have we dropped Azhar Ali ? No perhaps because of the quality players we have are zero. Even if we call someone in the place of Haris Sohail, what guarantee we provides he will never fail in New Zealand like Haris failed.

Even we know players like Shan Masood and Haris Sohail will again perform at home because they are proven performers in last some years.

One bad series isn’t meant that their cricket is finished. Yeah but if PCB has planned to drop them for long. They should because they have only few years to left in them.

Rashid Latif also says that “Shan Masood and Haris Sohail should be retained so that they can regain their form. If new players do perform at Pakistan but fail at away, what we will then do,” Rashid Latif asked.

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