Watch: Yasir Shah gave away Test Cap to Fan

Watch: Yasir Shah gave away Test Cap to Fan.

You won’t watch it everyday as Yasir Shah has given away Test Cap to Fan during the first Test match between New Zealand and Pakistan at Oval Bay on 4th day.

Yasir Shah did a exceptional job to please his fan while fielding. Not only Commentators but also cricket fans loved it and appreciate the gesture of Yasir Shah.

Pakistan’s man to go in spin bowling department provide his cap to fan is itself is a great gesture that any body can even think about.

You probably won’t find such gestures everyday. However when you watch Kane Williamson in the field, he is also among those who does something like this everyday.

But Shah’s this reaction has surely won the billions of hearts from all over the world.

While fan from New Zealand will never forget this for sure. This was a special moment for all cricket fans including those who are passionate of watching Yasir Shah’s bowling everyday.

Here’s video:

You can clearly see how Yasir Shah is pleasing his fan during 4th day of first Test match between New Zealand and Pakistan. Although if we talk about his personal performance on the field, he has lost his MOJO for last couple of series.

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Pakistan’s team badly needed his performance to survive otherwise they are also conceding a lot of runs in this format for last few years. Yasir Shah has taken 24 wickets in his 8 Test matches. This type of performance isn’t considered to be better for senior ones in this format.

However as he is senior his responsibility is even bigger than this because new players aren’t mean to  win every game for team Pakistan whereas experienced players are meant to. He needs to step up and pick up some wickets for his team to win the games.

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